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Fabric Inspection & Relaxing Machine
Tension less fabric inspection

Tensionless fabric inspection machine eliminates fabric tension while winding.

  • Roll to Roll
  • Roll to Relax
  • Relax to Relax
  • Relax to Roll

Main Features

  • Measuring Device
  • Defect Counter
  • UV Lamp
  • Variable Speed
  • Air Gun
project-dtl project-dtl
Automatic Rib Cutting Machine

Main Features

  • Power : 220V single phase
  • Rotation Speed: 30-460 rpm
  • One roll in 45sec
  • Knitwear, Lycra, Denim and Woven fabrics can be cut
  • Strip Width - 5mm to 9.mm
  • Cloth circumference : 60-200cm