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Spreading and Cutting Machines (Italy)
Spreading Machine

A very modern spreading machine, compact , with an attractive and ergonomic design and with latest generation electronics, dedicated with the possibility of integrating new functions on the machine. It''s an extremely flexible spreader with very high performances suitable for any kind of production with any kind of fabrics. Tension Free device, touch screen control panel.

CNC Cutting Machine

Automatic Cutting Machine for compressed lay thickness of 30 mms according to the kind of fabric to be cutted. The use of latest electronics and total digital control of each single micro-function allow to detect and rectify any anomaly, even before it shows.
This important technical innovation makes Ima Formula Evo able to adapt its own technical-operative specifications to the different fabric types (from denim to lycra) and to the different lays (from 30 compressed mms. to single ply).

Conveyor Table

IMA conveyor table, with single full width PVC belt , allows, by a control panel , to automatic control the movement in both directions of the lays. Possibility to change and synchronize the speed of the belt with other conveyor tables or auto-cutters working jointly; speed variation and synchronization are done by inverter. Available in section of 4,6 mt. in two versions , classic version mod IMA 828.10 with spreading machine’s rails locate under the table top, and Fly version mod . IMA 848.10 with the spreading machine’s rails locate on the table top level.

Wider width Spreader

Spreading machine specific for fabric width up to 3.4 mt. common in the home finishing, furniture and upholstery sectors Special triangle device to open folded fabric on pallet and motorized trolley to support the fabric . Touch screen control panel.

Labeling Machine

The automatic labeller IMA SMART 906, prints out and places a sticking label on each piece of the marker on the upper ply of the lay, directly on the fabric. The label shows all required info to make each piece easily recognizable after cutting, for proper bundling. The labelling machine is supplied complete with software and works between the spreading and the cutting indipendently making the operation very quick.

Wooden Table

IMA standard tables with top in medium density complete with rails for Ima spreading machines running. The table is available in classic version, with spreading machine’s rails located under the table top, or in Fly version with rails locate on the table top level. It is available with blowing.

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